The late Billy Ashe of Inistioge remembered

The late Billy Ashe of Inistioge remembered
By Annette Ashe

Dad passed away peacefully on the 27th of April this year in his Antique shop in the beautiful little village of Inistioge in South Kilkenny.

We were not expecting it to happen so soon.We were aware that dad was going into decline rapidly after the flooding in the village. You may remember the coverage of the rescue of dad and his dog on the 28th of December. He hit all the headlines that time including Sky News featuring his rescue from Ashe Antiques with his dog Teddy Delicious.

Dad was just so full of life and laughter and music even up to the end.He sang in the local day centre from the age of 90, that being the beginning of his public singing which continued right up to two weeks before he died. He thoroughly enjoyed singing and entertaining the other clients.

At 93 he took several piano lessons from a young teacher in Ballyhale, Emily Fitzgerald!

His was a life of positivity, endless cups of tea and hearty conversations with family, friends and customers in his little antique shop in Inistioge.

He was a father and a friend. I remember him coming to collect my sisters and I as children on a wet or snowy afternoon.

He had only a tractor and he would pull up to the school in Inistioge with the tractor and a trailer attached.A blanket covered the top of the open top trailer to keep us dry from the rain or snow. We were so proud.Of course travelling home from school like this was such a delight at that time.Dad was the centre of our lives for the last nine years since Mam passed away. His little shop in Inistioge will never be the same without him.

To all who knew Dad, thank you for your kindness and your endless visits to his antique store to buy some little trinket or other piece like the wind vanes, the writing desks, the lamps and clocks not to mention the exercise bikes and even now the bin bags.

Dad is remembered fondly by all his customers and even now when people call to look around we have a memory book in which we ask all the people who knew him and those who are seasonal visitors to write a memory of him.We have many photos, videos etc. but we'd rather have him.