Local authority refuse collection service in Kilkenny city to cease

Local authority refuse collection service in Kilkenny city to cease
Sean Keane

Kilkenny city dwellers will have to find an alternative way of getting rid of their refuse.

Kilkenny county council has said that full agreement has recently been reached on the cessation of the so called Kilkenny Borough Council Waste Collection Service after it claimed it was “unsustainable” to keep the service going.

It will cause a lot of upset, particularly among older residents who have always had a local authority refuse collection service.

After January 27, 2017 the service will no longer operate in Kilkenny City.

City dwellers are being given notice to make alternative arrangements with another waste collection service provider.

However, due to the narrow streetscapes of the medieval city, a limited number of customers will retain a Council service as a number of laneways have been identified as being too narrow to accommodate refuse trucks. These laneways are currently being advertised and Kilkenny County Council will continue to provide the same level of collection service to ensure dwellers living on these laneways have a convenient collection service available to them.

A list of laneways that will retain a collection service is available to view on www.kilkennycoco.ie.

These laneways are on the current Wednesday collection route and only dwellings/premises on these laneways will retain the capacity to purchase pre-paid Council refuse and recycling bags from the usual stockists. All other Borough collection routes will cease operation after the 27th of January, 2017.

Director of Services Tim Butler said it is now unsustainable for the Council to continue this limited service taking account of the investments required for the service to comply with national waste management policies and regulations.

“However the Council will retain a small collection route to facilitate dwellers that live in the middle of the city, as it is an objective of the Council to support the “Living City Initiative” encouraging people to live in the historic city centre,” he said.

Providing a limited service to these dwellings, which cannot be accessed by a refuse truck, is a practical measure to ensure laneways retain their character and make living in the city possible without limitations”.

Kilkenny County Council thanks all their customers for their use of the service over the years. Customers who are losing their service after the 27th of January 2017 should avail of an alternative waste collection service provider or avail of the services provided at a local recycling centre like Dunmore Recycling Centre.

For further information, please contact the Environment Section of Kilkenny County Council on 056-7794470.