Fr Lawton launches 'Life through Our Viewfinder' in Gowran

Fr Lawton launches 'Life through Our Viewfinder' in Gowran

Father Liam Lawton launched ‘Life through Our Viewfinder III’ in Dalton House Day Care Centre in Gowran last week.

He told the large gathering that the book recorded aspects of community life that could be lost if not written down.

Fr Liam said the stories spanned an era when life was different, people wrote of a time when we had no electricity to the hi-tech world of today and some of the life adjustments they had to make. He commented on the great vibrancy and spirit of Dalton House Day Care Centre. Some of the memories could be from any community of the past like the writer who wrote a poem on the fun he had as he travelled in a neighbour’s car to a hurling match.

He complimented all the writers and their diverse stories.

Canon Pat Dalton said he was delighted with the publication of “Life through our Viewfinder III”, as he himself was part of the Friday afternoon group that met to collect, review and listen to the various stories that would make up this current publication. Canon Pat said that there was great entertainment in listening to the various stories as they were brought forward by member of the group as their reflections were full of nostalgia and sentiment.

He thanked Nellie Brett for ghost writing some of the stories and the work of compiling the book. The compilation of these were due to the initiative, vision and determination of Nellie Brett and the success was achieved by the encouragement and help she gave to all the writers.

Canon Dalton also thanked Gerry Moran for editing the book and Paul Brett for the layout of the book. He also expressed a sincere word of appreciation to Fr. Liam Lawton for taking time out of his busy life schedule to launch our book ‘Life through our Viewfinder III.’