12 Clúid housing units built in Kilkenny in 2016

12 Clúid housing units built in Kilkenny in 2016

In 2016 Clúid housed a further 426 families across Ireland, with 12 Kilkenny homes delivered in Kiln Lane, Friary Walk, Callan in partnership with Kildare County Council.

 Clúid provides 36 homes to date in Kilkenny and 5,777 units across the country.  

Clúid’s spokesperson Simon Brooke said: “We simply cannot deliver housing without our partnerships with local authorities. They support us in assessing the need for social housing in an area, in achieving the funding and planning, and in referring households from their waiting lists. They have been vital to every single home added in 2016 and we thank them sincerely for collaborating with us to accomplish this important outcome.

“At a time of growing demand for social housing, Clúid’s relationship with local authorities has never been more important. Together we combine public, social and business capacity to make the best possible use of the limited resources that are available. We very much look forward to collaborating with them over the next few years.”

The schemes are funded using a small government loan to leverage a larger bank loan from the Housing Finance Agency (HFA). Clúid will repay those loans using the rent paid by tenants and an availability payment from the Department of the Environment.

“The standard of these new homes is what we should expect of good, quality housing. Our focus is on quality and value for money. We invest in sustainable homes that will be around for a very long time to come,” added Mr Brooke. 

Clúid Housing is the largest housing association in Ireland, delivering 5,777 high quality, affordable homes to people in housing need all over Ireland. Housing associations are independent, not-for-profit charities.

Clúid hopes to deliver a further 2,500 new homes in the next three years and is keen to partner with local authorities, developers, state agencies and financial institutions to make this happen.