Reaping the rewards in Kilkenny of 20-20 Transformation

Reaping the rewards in Kilkenny of 20-20 Transformation

Twenty people signed up with gusto for a special 20-20 Transformation locally and have reaped the benefits.

The Irish Wheelchair Association in Kilkenny in conjunction with The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, Marble City Travel, Mac Donagh Junction and Claire Fisher Fitness embarked on a journey with Tony Coy from the IWA to find twenty people for twenty weeks to change their lifestyle and become healthier and also in the process while also raising monies for the Irish Wheelchair Association.

The amazing journey saw the participants walking, dancing, jogging and eating healthier under the watchful eye of Claire Fisher. The twenty weeks was extended for a few weeks to incorporate the Christmas period.

The participants also has free gym membership and personal trainers from the Ormonde Leisure Centre.

Throughout the journey some people chose to go their own way and we had some new replacements along the way but in the end we finished with 15 participants which was a great achievement.

The results of the programme were astonishing with a combined weight loss of almost 17 stone (the weight of an average 6ft 6in man) Also with all the walks, jogs, strolls and steps we covered almost 5,000 kilometres in combined distance.

The individual stories were astonishing with one lady losing four and a half stones herself and the organizer Tony Coy himself losing two stone and ten pounds.

The combined efforts of the participants is still bringing in funds for the Irish Wheelchair Association through sponsorship cards and on the idonate page which will stay live until March 15.

Some of the amazing journeys were:

- Margaret Tone has completely transformed and changed her appearance and lifestyle. She has lost four and a half stone and was the overall winner of 20-20 transformation winning a holiday courtesy of Marble City Travel.

- Tony Coy has lost two stone and ten pounds and has started running ten kilometre road runs every week.

- Siobhan Donohoe has a whole new exercise regime that is tailored to her.

- Emma Butler has completely changed her appearance and lifestyle.

- Eleanor Cleary has taken up walking and jogging and is looking fabulous.

- Sharon Falsey Brennan has a whole new energy and looks amazing.

- Ned Maher has transformed and is well on his way to further weight loss.

- Ciara Hogan has a new energy and is now taking regular walks and other exercise.

- Tony Comerford is now running ten kilometres on a regular basis.

- Aron Homan has completely changed his body shape and outlook to exercise.

- Karen Power is doing daily exercise and running ten kilometre runs every chance she gets.

- Amy Lauren Crean has completely changed her shape and has a new healthy lifestyle.

- John Joyce is taking regular exercise and clocking up five kilometres on a daily basis.

- Ken Mc Guire has completely toned up and is taking regular exercise.

- Vicky Comerford Joined the programme in week 10 and is still exercising and on her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

- Liz Fogarty has changed her lifestyle and is on a path to healthier and a more active life to improve her health and wellbeing.

The climax of the journey was a fashion shoot hosted by Mac Donagh Junction coordinated by Karen Morrissey and clothes supplied by ; Pamela Scott, Carrig Donn, Jack n Jones Next TK Max and River Island.

Hair for the ladies was from Kappelli – Ruby Reds and Alison Hehir Studio.