Don't tell the bride but McCreery's in Kilkenny are coming to teach you how to clean

Brian Keyes


Brian Keyes

Ann Marie Hogan  and Jennifer McCreery

Ann Marie Hogan and Jennifer McCreery

Local firm, McCreery Cleaning, have had their fair share of unusual requests over the years, but when a TV producer phoned up Jennifer McCreery and asked her could she teach a bride how to clean, Jennifer was a little bit apprehensive.
Nevertheless, the TV company behind 'Don't Tell The Bride' engaged the services of the Kilkenny firm as they travelled to Dublin to go to the home of a 'bride to be.'
Usually such visits would be pleasant affairs, but on this occasion the staff of McCreery Cleaning approached the house with considerable trepidation - unsure of what way this particular gift was going to be accepted.
After all, her future husband had just bought her a lesson in how to clean
As Jennifer recalled, it was a nerve wracking moment when the entire bridal party turned up and simply could not believe what the groom had just done.
Jennifer and her colleague Eileen Hennessy waited in an adjoining room as Ann Marie Hogan, who takes care of staff training at the firm, took the bride through her paces, all in good spirits.
So to see how it all worked out, you'll have to tune in to the show which is to be broadcast on Monday next on RTE 2.