Details of Kilkenny's new repair and leasing scheme

Brings vacant houses up to scratch for social housing

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Details of Kilkenny's new repair and leasing scheme

County Hall.

A new scheme aimed at bringing vacant houses up to scratch and turning them into a source of social housing is now available in Kilkenny.

The repair and leasing scheme enables funding to support necessary repairs to vacant properties and also provides the property owners with an income stream that may, otherwise, be unavailable. The maximum cost of repairs to a vacant property under the Scheme is €40,000.

The scheme has a number of specific requirements including:

The property has to be vacant for at least 12 months; there must be a social housing demand for the property; the property must be assessed as being viable to provide social housing; and the minimum lease term is 10 years, 15 years or 20 years depending on the cost of the repair works.

Additionally, the lease payment is based on 80% (85% for apartments) of the current market rental rates in the property location.

A further adjustment to the lease payment is made to off-set the cost of the repair works until the cost of the works has been repaid.

A FAQs document and expressions of interestforms are available on Kilkenny County Council’s website at

Contact Kilkenny County Council housing section for further details at 056 7794976/056 7794936 or email your query to

You may also complete and return an expression of interest form (available on to the council's housing department at John's Green, Kilkenny City.