Kilkenny Boundary decision is a victory for democracy - Frisby

Kilkenny Boundary decision is a victory for democracy - Frisby

A victory for democracy, is how Cllr Ger Frisby of Fianna Fail has described the news that Kilkenny's boundary will remain intact.

If the recommendations of the boundary committee had been accepted, the place he grew up, Ballinamona, Slieverue would have been annexed into Waterford.

“As a native of Slieverue, a local representative and chairperson of the Piltown Municipal District, I am delighted to welcome the news that the boundary between Kilkenny and Waterford will remain intact, and no change to county lines will be imposed.

“Finally the wishes of the people and the 20,000 so submissions received by the review committee are being listened to by Minister Coveney.

“This decision just goes to show, as I have continually said, that cooperation between both municipal districts and both councils is the way forward for the improvement of the area as a whole and the people that live in this area.

“My phone and social media were log jammed with messages of congratulations and delight at this great news,” he said.

“And that is a true reflection of the emotion this one issue stirred in the people of Kilkenny and especially the area of interest,” he said.

He thanked Minister Simon Coveney for his “brave decision” not to recommend a boundary change and uphold democracy.