Significant increase in Kilkenny population over five years - CSO

Significant increase in Kilkenny population over five years - CSO
Sean Keane

Kilkenny recorded an increase of 4% in population between 2011 and 2016.

In the first set of figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on the census conducted in April last year, it found there were 49,533 males and 49,699 females in the county.

There was a natural increase of 7.3% in the population in the five years which equates to the ratio of births versus deaths.

The average age of Kilkenny’s population in April 2016 was 37.9 years, compared to 36.6 years in April 2011.

Nationally, the average age of the population was 37.4, up from 36.1 in April 2011.

There were 4,464 people were divorced/separated in Kilkenny in 2016, a rate of 4.5%, compared to the national rate of 4.7%.

Irish language

A total of 38,722 people in Kilkenny stated that they could speak Irish, compared to 38,619 in April 2011. Within this figure, 960 spoke Irish daily outside the education system, while 2,310 spoke Irish weekly outside the education system.


A total of 557 Irish Travellers resided in County Kilkenny in April 2016, an increase of 15.3% since 2011. Nationally, the number of people enumerated as Irish Travellers increased by 5.1% to 30,987.


22,739 dwellings in Kilkenny had broadband access in April 2016, an increase of 14.8% since April 2011. 3,800 dwellings had non-broadband internet access, an increase of 2.1%, while the number of dwellings with no internet access fell by 19.6% to 7,512. Nationally, 312,982 dwellings (18.4%) had no internet connection, down from more than 1 in 4 (25.8%) in 2011. Broadband use in private households increased to 70.7% (from 63.8% in 2011) and 148,125 more households had a broadband connection.