Time for next phase of flood works in Graig' and Thomastown

Councillor says full funding should be available from OPW

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Time for next phase of flood works in Graig' and Thomastown

Flooding on the quay in Thomastown.

A research and feasibility study on a pilot scheme for Individual Property Protection (IPP) measures to protect against flooding in Thomastown and Graignamanagh has now been completed.

Local councillor Peter ‘Chap’ Cleere says he is now looking forward to the implementation of the next phase. He has requested the council write to the OPW seeking 100% of the necessary funding required for the total cost of these individual property protection measures.

“Both Thomastown and Graignamanagh were both left devasted with flooding in Christmas 2015,” said Cllr Cleere.

“Given the significance of what has happened to both towns, I feel it is imperative that the OPW now fund 100% the cost of implementing these flood protection measures for both towns to give these residents a break. It is estimated that the cost of such measures could be up to €600,000 to implement.”

The Skeogh councillor also says that full funding should be made available by the OPW.

“I have also insisted that Kilkenny County Council get confirmation from the OPW that the implementation of this pilot scheme will not have any impact on the bigger CFRAM pilot study which was conducted last year,” he said.

“This particular pilot is welcome, but it is very much a temporary measure until the funding becomes available to implement the CFRAM recommendation.”

The Fianna Fail councillor is also requesting that steps and measures be put in place immediately with a view to having all flood protection measures in place in both towns by September.