'Buy Me' - a multidisciplinary theatre production

'Buy Me' - a multidisciplinary theatre production

An interesting and innovative exploration into consumerism and our relationship with fashion will be explored during Buy Me at the Goods Shed.

The Consuming Project in association with Rigout Productions and Open Circle Arts presents Buy Me, a multidisciplinary theatre production exploring our current relationship with fashion and what clothing means to us and revealing its true cost.

Every year around 80 billion garments are produced worldwide. Our global society is producing more than ever before, but where is it all going? What do we know about who, where and how our clothes are made.

The performance raises many questions about the wasteful and toxic nature of fast fashion where vast amounts of cheap garments are produced often using toxic and harmful products.

This production is the product of a community collaboration between artists exploring our relationship with fashion through textile and discussion-based forums with Ita Morrissey and Dee Harte.

The work was devised with professional performers and a musician, Eadaoin Breatnach .

Creator and devisor, Ita Morrissey explained that she is delighted to be ‘given the opportunity to share this meaningful social outcome in the unusual setting of The Goods Shed’.

The performance will explore how we relate to fashion and often become immersed in the cult of consumerism without exploring realising the human cost and impact of our choices.

The production is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, The Creative Ireland Programme and Kilkenny Arts Office. The cast comprises of Aoibhinn Murphy, Gary Murphy, Mary Cody, Lucy Glendinning. Natasha Murray, Susie Lamb and Eadaoin Walsh.

Performances take place nightly at The Goods Shed at 7.30pm from June 29 to July 2. The running time is 50 mins approximately. Tickets are €10 and available from Rollercoaster Records and the MacDonagh Junction.