Orange weather warning for Kilkenny with chance of thunder and lightning

AA Roadwatch has warned of risk of frequent thunderstorms

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Orange weather warning

Risk of thunderstorms this evening

Met Éireann has issued an orange weather alert in this part of the country and is warning of thunderstorms and possible heavy rainfall in Kilkenny overnight.

The alert came into effect at 8pm this evening, and applies to all of Munster, and to Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford. Met Eireann is warning of a high risk of thunderstorms for tonight with a risk of localised flooding.

The greatest risk along the south coast, and rainfall amounts are uncertain. AA Roadwatch is advising motorists to be vigilant in inclement conditions.

Meanwhile, has said outbreaks of rain will develop tomorrow (Wednesday) with the possibility of some heavy bursts. It will be a humid day.