A shocking number of parking tickets were issued in Kilkenny last year

The daily average will surprise you.

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett




Aideen Brett paying for parking on Ormonde Road PICTURE: PAT MOORE

Kilkenny County Council made over €1.4 million in profits last year from parking charges in the city with seventeen tickets issued on average every day.

The figures were obtained following a Freedom of Information request which asked for the total amount of money the council made from parking charges since 2015.

The council's traffic traffic expenditure revealed that for last year they spent €730,894 and had a traffic income of €2,167,075.

This means the local authority had a profit of over €1.4 million from parking charges over the entire twelve months.

The revenues generated increased by almost €50,000 for 2016 when compared to 2015 when they were €2,118,434.

Up until May of this year the council had made €870,295 from “traffic income” with an expenditure of €320,855.

One Kilkenny councillor says the charges need to be looked again. Fianna Fáil's Matt Doran said: “I know it's one of our main sources of income.

“I'm astonished at the 17 tickets a day. That's more frightening, I wouldn't have imagined that the tickets being issued would be that high.

“I know we compare favourably in terms of neighbouring counties of Carlow and Waterford."

He added: “It seems a lot and maybe we're guilty of it. I'd love to have a breakdown of where they're being issued.

“Based on the figures we'd need to be looking at it again in terms of are we justified in the charges that we're requesting.”

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