Get on your high nelly and take a trip around North Kilkenny

Get on your high nelly and take a trip around North Kilkenny

A novel cycle rally will wind its way around parts of North Kilkenny later this month.

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally is a unique bicycle journey for High Nelly/Vintage bicycle enthusiasts .

Participants will embrace the hidden heritage of North Kilkenny and South Laois from the saddle of their High Nelly bikes, as they set out to recapture a unique bicycle journey, first undertaken by journalist, writer, and proud Irish nationalist, William Bulfin in 1902.

The cycle is planned to coincide with the Irish Heritage Week celebrations, This novel cycling event is a 70km two-day vintage bicycle ride, taking place on August 26 and 27 as part of the Irish Country Roads & Culture Trails.

The “Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally” was first held in 2014 as a unique event aimed at showcasing the hidden heritage and tourism potential of the South Midlands area of Ireland.

Gaining its inspiration from William Bulfin, who cycled around Ireland in 1902, the event is a valuable introduction to the heritage that inspired much of the history, culture, music and storytelling of Ancient Ireland.

William Bulfin was born in Derrinlough, Co Offaly in 1864.

He emigrated to Argentina in 1883, where he worked among the native gauchos and cowboys before becoming proprietor and editor of “The Southern Cross” newspaper in Buenos Aires.

Bulfin returned from Argentina in 1902, he then set off on a heritage fact-finding journey that took him through the highways and byways of Ireland on a steel framed bicycle made by Pierce Ironworks in Wexford.

“Rambles in Eirinn” is an insightful book written by Bulfin about his cycling experience. The travelogue was published in 1907 and proved to be a resounding success, extending to a fourth edition, published in 1915.

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