Mother desperately seeks a home in Kilkenny for her disabled son

12-year-old Brendan is due to start school on Thursday

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Mother desperately seeks a home in Kilkenny  for her disabled son

Tracy and her son Brendan (12)

A mother is making a desperate plea to the goodwill and generosity of the people of Kilkenny to help her find a home for her family.
Tracy McGinnis has been unable to find suitable rented accommodation for herself and her two young sons - Brendan (12) and Declan (9).
Brendan, who was born with congenital CMV, has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and is non verbal. He is due to start at St Patrick’s School on Thursday but to date Tracy has been unable to find suitable accommodations.
“I am a responsible professional with money to pay the deposit and rent but I cannot get anything,” she said.
“We were told recently that we were going to get a lease on a bungalow in Thomastown,” she said. “I had paid the deposit and we had sent in references, it was ideal as there were three bedrooms on the ground floor but it fell through.”
Tracy previously lived in Kilkenny but moved North Kildare last year. She now recognises it was ‘a mistake’ and the family are living in a house ‘in the middle of nowhere’ which is wholly unsuitable for Brendan’s needs.
“It is in the middle of nowhere. There are no services and the house is damp.
“Brendan’s health is declining and he has developed quite a nasty pressure sore. He now has to spend more than twice the amount of time travelling to school in Celbridge.
“We just want to get back to Kilkenny where we have an excellent support network and where Brendan can go to school in St Pat’s. It is a fantastic school and Brendan was very happy there so hopefully he can return there in the coming weeks,”
Tracy has a Masters in Mental Health Counselling and is currently a full-time carer for Brendan.
“I am appealing to the goodwill of the people of Kilkenny. If anyone has a property that they think might work then please get in touch and we would all be very grateful. Ideally we need three bedrooms on the ground floor and wide doors so that it is wheelchair accessible.
“We just want to be able to get on with our lives as best we can,” she said. “Kilkenny is the best place for us to do that with the facilities that are at St Pats and the friends we have there.”

To donate to help cover Brendan's medical and housing costs go to www.gofundme/SpecialCostsforBrendanBjorn