Extra jobs and €1.5m investment for Castlecomer

Welcome jobs news: A minimum of 15 jobs will be created

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Extra jobs and €1.5m investment for Castlecomer

The Eurospar in Castlecomer

A minimum of 15 extra jobs are set to be created in Castlecomer with the €1.5 million expansion of Eurospar in the town.

The store owner, Willie Forde, a native of Offaly is now in his 10th year in business in Castlecomer.

Local Labour Councillor, Maurice Shorthall, said: “Presently there are 45 working in the store and the extra jobs are very welcome.

“This is another positive good news story and the actual official opening had been planned for the October Bank Holiday weekend.”

Speaking to the Kilkenny People, Mr Forde said: “We’ve taken on five already and we’re looking for three more to start straightaway and there will definitely be another ten between part-time and full-time.

“It’s a big store, it’ll be over 10,000sq.ft when I’m finished. We’re putting in a new bakery too. €1.5million is a big investment to be putting in.

"We’re doing a huge job and it’s a long time coming with the recession. The community have been very good to me here.”