Bank of Ireland staff in this Kilkenny town going cash free

Age Action described the move as “disappointing” for older people...

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Bank of Ireland  staff in this Kilkenny town going cash free

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland staff in Callan will no longer handle cash as the bank says just 3% of transactions are currently conducted over the counter with Age Action describing the move as “disappointing” for older people.

Customers will still be able to lodge and withdraw money from self-service machines, but won’t be able to avail of foreign currency or coin services.

A spokeswoman for the bank – which has 250 branches nationwide – says the new model is called “advice and self-service”.

In a statement, Bank of Ireland said: “Callan branch will be adopting the ‘Advice & Self Service’ model, where staff will move from behind the counter onto the floor.

"Customers will continue to be provided with a comprehensive range of products and services, the ability to lodge and withdraw cash from easy to use self-service devices and access to online and 365 phone services.”

They added: “Implementation of these changes is taking place on a phased basis with a two-month period for comprehensive customer notification.”

Justin Moran, Head of Advocacy and Communications with Age Action, said: “We’re always very disappointed when banks reduce their financial services.

"The majority of people aged 65 and over have literally never been online. Many of them want to do their financial business over the counter with bank staff they know and trust.

“We appreciate that banks, including Bank of Ireland, are working hard to help people get online but we would be worried that many older people are going to be left behind as banks reduce the range of services.”