Kilkenny village waiting 25 years for one public light

"All roads” in the area need attention and “most footpaths” are in need of repair work...

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Kilkenny village  waiting 25 years for one public light in hamlet

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Moneenroe Community says it has been waiting 25 years for one public light with “all roads” in the area needing attention and “most footpaths” in need of repair work.

The committee – set up to promote the social, cultural, environmental and economic welfare of the community – say the issues are not huge.

A deputation from Moneenroe Community met with members at a meeting of Castlecomer Municipal District recently.

The committee members said they “feel that if small things are let get out of hand they will lead to a lack of respect for all the environment in the area”.

In their presentation to local representatives, they said: “The roads from Kerr’s Cross to Curran’s Cross is especially bad. Now with the new housing scheme almost finished this stretch of road will get an increase in traffic. The road in the Glen, as you enter Moneenroe, is also in need of an upgrade.

“This stretch of road is the first impression visitors get and has been remarked on by our Tidy Towns judges. It has cost us points over the last few years.

“The road in Fr Raftice estate is in very bad condition and needs an upgrade.” On footpaths, the members said: “Fr Raftice Place is a housing estate that has won awards from Kilkenny County Council in their efforts in maintaining their estate. The footpaths are crumbling badly. If this is not addressed it can lead to residents losing heart and interest.

“On the N78 at Crettyard the footpath is completely gone and is a danger to pedestrians who have to step out on a busy road as the path is impossible to walk on.”

They added: “Montheen is a small hamlet of about eleven houses. It’s about one mile from the centre of Moneenroe. We have been looking for a street light for Montheen for almost 25 years, but to no avail.

“There are elderly people living in these houses who feel very vulnerable during the winter months as the place is in complete darkness. One light, please.”

Cllr John Brennan says Clogh and Moneenroe are both “prime examples of where funding needs to be spent”. Meanwhile Cllr Maurice Shortall says the “next roads budget emphasis should be in Moneenroe”.