Breaking: Kilkenny County Council's budget shortfall reduced to €1.4m

"Significant funding challenges" to address in the coming few days...

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Breaking: Kilkenny County Council's budget shortfall reduced to €1.4m

County Hall, Kilkenny

The current draft of Kilkenny County Council's Budget for 2018 has a deficit of €1.4 million, the local authority's head of finance, Martin Prendiville, confirmed today. 

He was speaking at the draft budget plan meeting for Piltown Municipal District and told members that there was a "bit to go yet" to "bridge the gap" over the next week to ten days as they try to balance the books for Kilkenny county. 

He said there is "no one area" that will deal with the issue of the deficit but a number of areas. 

Earlier this year, councillors opted not to vary the basic rate of tax, despite the council executive seeking a full 15% increase in order to balance expenditure demands with available income.

In September, Mr Prendiville informed members at a full Council meeting that a number of extra funding requirements have been identified.

While there is additional expenditure arising of €2 million, only €250,000 is available in additional income (additional rates premises). The net deficit thus amounted to around €1.8 million at the time.

This has now been reduced to €1.4 million but members of Piltown MD were not told how the sum of €400,000 was wiped from the shortfall in the local authority's attempts to adopt a balanced budget for 2018.

Mr Prendiville said getting it down to €1.4 million there were issues they "had to make calls on" and a number of options will be put to members in due course to further alleviate the deficit. 

The Council's budget meeting is due to take place this month.