Car stolen in Kilkenny reportedly used by the ‘Border Fox’ Dessie O’Hare

This week's Yesteryears article in the Kilkenny People...

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Thirty years ago this week on November 13, 1987 the Kilkenny People reported that a regional employment council had been set up in Castlecomer to tackle the growing problem of unemployment.

Twenty years on from the closure of the coal mines, 800 people of the population of 1,800 were signing on the dole.

A car stolen in Kilkenny was later reportedly used by the ‘Border Fox’ Dessie O’Hare in an incident in Dundalk this week. Local Gardaí were also investigating sightings of a strange man in areas around Woodsgift and Gathabawn. They also searched Mullinavat.

Pay parking was introduced on the Parade, despite the objections of Councillor Kieran Crotty saying it would damage our tourism industry.