Cold few days ahead as 'polar low' approaches

Wednesday night will turn cold everywhere as temperatures fall to near freezing...

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Snow forecast

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Met Éireann have warned that a "polar low" is set to bring a sharp drop in temperatures tomorrow, with snow and ice also forecast.

For Wednesday night the forecaster is predicting that temperatures will touch freezing in parts of the country.

They said: “Wednesday night will turn cold everywhere as temperatures fall to near freezing in the early part of the night, lowest overnight temperatures zero to plus 3 degrees, coldest in the north.

“The winds will become cyclonic variable in the north as an area of low pressure, called a ""polar low"", tracks over or near the north of the country.

“To the south of the low pressure centre winds will be strong and gusty from a southwesterly direction, later veering west. There will be showers too, likely to be heavy and falling as snow over the hills and mountains”

Thursday is also set to be cold, with more wintry showers expected on higher ground.

The south of the country however will be slightly warmer, with temperatures in the range of seven to eight degrees.

Thursday night meanwhile is forecast to be even colder, with minus temperatures leading to ice on untreated surfaces.