Kilkenny has a role in ‘solving national problems’

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Kilkenny’s pitch for global investment

Minister Pat Breen at the launch of Invest Kilkenny in the Medieval Mile Museum

"Don’t underestimate the role Kilkenny can play in solving national problems,” the County Council chief executive told a Government Minister recently.

The ‘Invest Kilkenny’ launch last month included an address from the Council’s acting chief executive, Colette Byrne.

Management at the local authority put forward a strong sales pitch to the Minister of State for Trade and Employment, Pat Breen, and investment agencies on the region’s attractiveness to companies.

The campaign is a marketing strategy aimed at promoting the county as a unique commercial location.

Ms Byrne said: “Kilkenny has lower business costs and it is a lot less than renting in Dublin. Companies would see a significant cost reduction. I think we’re about 25-30% cheaper.

“The important thing is attracting staff. House prices in Kilkenny are lower, childcare is lower.

“When staff are happy businesses will thrive. We’ve excellent hotels and good restaurants.

“Don’t underestimate the role Kilkenny can play in solving national problems. In the National Planning Framework, don’t underestimate the role urban centres like Kilkenny can play and the South-East. Dublin is overheating."

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