Exclusive: Over 40 maternity service complaints made at St Luke’s Hospital

The majority of complainants as far back as 2014 were mothers...

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



St Luke's Hospital

St Luke's Hospital

Over 40 maternity services complaints made at St Luke’s Hospital since 2014 with 90% of them coming from mothers, the Kilkenny People can exclusively reveal.

The figures revealed last year there were six complaints in relation to maternity services and the main reasons were environment/accommodation issues; communication issues, billing or insurance.

There were also two complaints relating to clinical judgement/overall treatment and clinical care issues while in receipt of maternity services.

Up until September 30 of this year there were a total of nine complaints, four of which related to clinical judgement/overall treatment.

In 2015 there were fourteen complaints overall and six of these were over communication issues and five related to clinical judgement/overall treatment and one over discharge information/follow-up issues.

The majority of complainants as far back as 2014 were mothers but there was also a complaint from a grandmother of patients/mothers in 2014 and 2015 and one complaint received from a partner this year and another in 2014.

In a statement, the Ireland East Hospital Group, of which St Luke’s is a member, said: “St Luke’s General Hospital want patients to tell them if they have a comment, compliment or complaint about their health care. We have our own onsite Complaints Officer, however we also encourage to speak with staff immediately if they have any concerns so that we may resolve any issues or answer any questions if and when they may arise.

“Most concerns raised by patients or their families are resolved directly as part of the routine care and treatment. The maternity unit staff also proactively seek regular feedback from expectant and new mothers to help improve overall service delivery. We learn from complaints that are documented and reported.”

In 2016 at St. Luke’s , there were 2,756 maternity patient discharges, over 7,391 maternity outpatient attendances at clinics and 1,625 births. The hospital said not all complaints are notified to the Complaints Officer.