Almost 13,000 motorists in Kilkenny have penalty points on their licence

The information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request...

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Almost 13,000 people in Kilkenny have penalty points on their licence, according to figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

Information released to found that 582,738 people nationwide had points on their licences on 30 September 2017.

The highest number of points were in Dublin (118,356), followed by Cork (60,320) and Galway (34,211).

In Kilkenny, 46 people had one penalty point, 907 motorists had two while some 8,789 had three points.

There were 325 people on four penalty points and 718 on five with a further 1,595 on six penalty points.

Those with seven penalty points came to 55 while those on eight stood at 113 and Kilkenny motorists on nine was 185.

Drivers in the county on ten points stood at 23 while those on eleven came to 16 with 9 in total on twelve points.

Foreign licence holders made up 65,057 of the penalty points recorded.

The information provided by the Road Safety Authority also gave a breakdown of the number of penalty points drivers had on their licenses.

The majority of drivers had three penalty points (400,502), while 59,404 had six points and 42,700 had two.

Overall 19,359 drivers had seven or more penalty points but just 752 drivers had 12 penalty points.

Being issued with 12 penalty points results in disqualification for six months, while novice and learner permit drivers face disqualification if they receive seven points on their licence.

The counties with the lowest number of drivers with penalty points on 30 September were Leitrim with 3,387, Longford 4,766 and Sligo 6,904.

The figures give a snapshot of penalty points in Ireland, as they show the number of penalty points drivers in each county had on 30 September.

As penalty points stay on a driver’s licence for three years, these points could have been given at any stage over the past three years.