Editorial: Opportunities in housing for Kilkenny

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Editorial: Opportunities in housing for Kilkenny

Housing needs development in this county...

House prices in Kilkenny went up more than anywhere else in the country last year and the reason is quite apparent, but the Government appears incapable of bucking the trajectory of prices.

There needs to be greater urgency in addressing the housing shortage. The reason for soaring prices - yet again - is this time due to a lack of supply of suitable homes on the market, according to industry experts.

The demand for homes here is flattering in the sense that people want to buy here and are looking to settle down in Kilkenny.

It augurs well for the county’s local economy but only if we can get a handle on the cost of purchasing a home here.

People will hear reports that prices are increasing rapidly in the county - house prices in Kilkenny City alone rose by 27.4% in 2017 - and that’s a deterrent for buyers.

We need people who are just a few years away from mortgage approval to stay looking at Kilkenny as a place to buy and those who can buy to feel like they’re not paying extortionate prices.

We need to increase the supply of houses right now and start building to take advantage of the potential boast to the county’s labour force and population size as more and more mortgages become available.

The county that reverses the trend of demand outstripping supply will benefit the most. We need to be the first to do this and presently, we don’t appear to be coming even close, nor does any county for that matter. There’s an opportunity there for Kilkenny builders and decision makers.

The price of the average three-bed semi here rose 23.3% - to €203,500 - in the last 12 months in Kilkenny.

Housing needs development in this county or we’re going to miss the boat on this demand for properties and all that those homeowners will bring with them to our local communities.

BT Young Scientist Finals
Fourteen projects from Kilkenny schools made it to the finals of the BT Young Scientist and Technology competition at the RDS in Dublin last week.

Well done to all schools involved and congratulations on your success.