34 patients on trolleys and wards at St Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny today

The overcrowding crisis has persisted through January

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



St Luke's Hospital.

St Luke's Hospital, where overcrowding has persisted this month according to the INMO

Overcrowding has persisted at St Luke's Hospital in Kilkenny right through the month of January, with 34 patients on trolleys and wards today according to figures from the INMO.

Today's Trolleywatch and Wardwatch figures from the local hospital indicate nine people are on trolleys and 25 on wards. It once again means that St Luke's is among the most overcrowded hospitals in the country.

It also means that, not for the first time in this month, any suggestion that the crisis was abating earlier in the week was premature. Yesterday (Thursday) the figure was 24 patients on trolleys and wards, while the day before (Wednesday) the figure was 25.

In the first week of the year, overcrowding reached record levels in the Kilkenny hospital, when on one day, 57 patients were recorded on trolleys and wards, and 54 on another.

The Ireland East Hospital Group has repeatedly pointed to the onset of 'Flu Season', an increase in the number of patients presenting to the Emergency Department, as well as the national shortage of staff.