Night patrol biker cops may be on the way for Kilkenny City

Designated 'drop-off' points to be introduced for buses bearing revellers

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



A new Garda motorcycle unit may be on the way to Kilkenny City

A new Garda motorcycle unit may be on the way to Kilkenny to ensure new designated ‘drop-off’ points for buses bringing revellers into the city are being used, according to the Cathaoirelach of Kilkenny County Council.

At Monday’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council, Cathaoirleach David Fitzgerald said Gardaí had revealed they are soon to introduce three designated ‘drop-off’ points for buses ferrying in and out people who are socialising in the city.

A Joint Policing Committe meeting last year heard that some weekend nights could see between 18 to 20 buses coming into the city centre.

On Monday, Cllr Fitzgerald also said that Superintendent Derek Hughes has applied to the Department of Justice ‘for a motorcycle officer to patrol the city to ensure that the delivery into the city is done in an appropriate way at an appropriate location’.

He added that there was an issue with access to toilets for those coming off the buses, and it needed to be addressed.

“I want to welcome the initiative of Chief Superintendent Hayes on this issue — it’s part of a campaign to achieve Purple Flag status for the city,” he said.

Cllr Malcolm Noonan noted the public toilets on the Parade have constantly been vandalised.

“They are out of commission for weeks until they’re repaired,” he said.

The Green Party councillor asked if more lighting in the area might improve the situation, and help with CCTV.