Local businesses affected by Storm Emma despite spike in sales prior to extreme weather

People are being encouraged to shop locally

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



High Street

High Street in Kilkenny

John Hurley, Chief Executive of Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce, said the bad weather has posed significant challenges for businesses across the county many of which had to close during the cold snap.

Speaking in the wake of Storm Emma, he said: “Certain businesses like groceries and supermarkets saw a spike in sales as customers increased their spends as they stocked up on food and other essentials in advance of the impending storm.”

However, this was short lived as eventually most shops had to close during the height of the storm for safety reasons.

“Like everywhere else, Kilkenny businesses have been adversely affected by this period of bad weather and we should all be mindful of supporting local shops and businesses now in the aftermath,” he added.