Priest who visited Kilkenny said not a single event can be held in the country without drink

This week's Yesteryears

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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The Yesteryears series continues this week with an edition from March 17, 1978. 

The lead story this week 40 years ago had a very shocking and stark warning for the reader - “Lives are at Stake” as Sr Stanislaus Kennedy of Kilkenny Social Services referred to overcrowding in St Luke’s Hospital - warning about the stress that doctors, nurses and all staff are under.

Fr Brian Darcy visited Kilkenny and hit out against what he described as the Irish becoming a race of alcoholics...adding that not a single event can be held in the country without drink.

He cited the culture of drink-driving as contributing to slaughter on our roads, and noted that alcohol was too accessible in supermarkets.

And leading up to St Patrick’s Day, the James Stephens pipers and drummers were back in action having been disbanded 17 years previous. After two years of hard work, they were back for this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade.