Kilkenny in top three of Ireland's trending travel destinations for Easter weekend

Springtime has sprung in Kilkenny, with 51% surge in Airbnb guests on this time last year

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People


The Parade, Kilkenny

Kilkenny appears third highest on the list with a 51% increase in guests

Airbnb has revealed the top three trending travel destinations in Ireland for Easter weekend, from a projected 38,000 guest arrivals to Ireland from across the world - and Kilkenny has made the cut.

Limerick is named the top trending Irish destination over the four-day holiday period. The city and county has seen a positive surge of 78% more guest arrivals on Airbnb’s platform than the same period last year.

Kilkenny appears third-highest on the list with an increase in guest arrivals of 51%, while the number two spot is taken by the rugged landscapes and stunning Atlantic views of Donegal.

The results show that the popularity of Airbnb continues to grow across the country with guests staying in the villages, towns and cities outside of Dublin.

Since 2010, Ireland’s residents have formed a vibrant Airbnb community of hosts, sharing unique experiences with travellers from around the world. Between November 2016 and November 2017 approximately 1.2 million people travelled in Ireland using Airbnb, with almost 90 percent of guests visiting for a holiday or for leisure.