Talbot's Tower will open to the public in a 'matter of weeks'

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Talbot's Tower will open to the public in a 'matter of weeks'

Talbot’s Tower to reopen in a few weeks

Kilkenny County Council have confirmed that Talbot's Tower will be open to the public "in a matter of weeks".

In February, the Kilkenny People reported that Talbot’s Tower was expected to be open to the public later this year as Kilkenny County Council had found a way around the iconic structure’s Japanese Knotweed problem.

Talbot’s Tower – which dates back to the 13th Century – represents the only surviving complete defensive tower of the City Wall circuit.

In 2015, the discovery of Japanese Knotweed resulted in the closure of the site and prevented public access until a survey was undertaken in December of last year to determine the extent of the infestation.

The survey found the Knotweed is contained within the boarded-off section of the site and a treatment plan is now in place for the eradication of the Knotweed which could take up to five years.

Proposed works for the pocket park site – including the installation of footpaths and gravel areas and the provision of up-lighting to illuminate the Tower and walls – hoped to have the site ready to open to the public by the spring of this year.

A possible date for the reopening that was mooted was the International Day of Monuments and Sites on Friday, April 13.

However, this is now unlikely as yesterday the Council posted this tweet: