New trading hours proposed in Kilkenny - with all day closing on Thursday on the table

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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The Yesteryears series continued this week with an edition from April 12, 1968. 

New trading hours were proposed to come in to Kilkenny later this year - with all day closing on Thursday on the table.

Union talks between employers and shop assistants were coming to a conclusion - the union in question called the union of Distributive Workers and Clerks.

It was hoped that traders who were not part of negotiations would not take advantage of the proposal.

Members of The Royal showband, including Brendan Bowyer were in a traffic collision on the outskirts of Paulstown this week - no major injuries.

Mrs Johnny Murphy, from Goresbridge, was the breeder of a greyhound pup, ‘That Blitz’ which was sold for £1,200.

To the delight of hurling fans in the county, left half back Martin Coogan, who missed the league, was back in training for the championship.

The rent war was heating up, with corporation tenants threatening to take to the streets.