Residents 'not walking like they used to' in this Kilkenny town

The issue was raised at a recent City Municipal District meeting

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Paulstown residents in Kilkenny not walking like they used to

Paulstown residents in Kilkenny 'not walking like they used to'

A councillor has expressed road traffic concerns in Paulstown where he says residents are not “walking like they used to”.

Cllr Malcolm Noonan said trucks and HGVs are causing “considerable change”.

He added: “Residents in the area don’t go for walks like they used to.” Cllr Noonan said he was aware of one incident where a resident was “pinned in to a ditch by a truck” and he called on the Council to look at traffic management in the area.

Director of Services at the Council, Tim Butler, said they “can’t stop traffic from using a section of road”.

He added that if you’re living out the country you have to expect a certain amount of machinery on the roads.