People doing things ‘better done in bed’ at Urlingford M8 slipway with fly-tipping also an issue

Motorists pull up there to eat and drink and let down their windows and dump their rubbish in the gateway

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Some of the dumping at the gateway in Kilkenny where cars pull in

Some of the dumping at the gateway in Kilkenny where cars pull in

A councillor has hit out at illegal dumping and other activities on the M8 slip road from the motorway near Urlingford.

Cllr Mary Hilda Cavanagh highlighted the issue at a recent meeting of Castlecomer Municipal District where she called for camera signs at the location to try and curtail the fly-tipping and other issues.

Cllr Cavanagh said anybody who comes off the motorway at Urlingford will come across a slip road and there is a gateway on this road.

She said motorists pull up there to eat and drink and let down their windows and dump in the gateway.

“They do other things better done in bed,” she added. Landowners are finding it difficult to get in to see cattle and the dumping in the gateway is causing an obstruction.

Cllr Cavanagh said the local authority need to install “camera signs on that road and we need them badly”.

Cllr Michael McCarthy said “used coffee cups” have become a real problem lately from people throwing them out their car window. He said no matter what road you’re travelling on you’re likely to find bags dumped or mattresses.

He added: “We need proper penalties. €150 doesn’t penalise people enough.”

Director of Services at Kilkenny County Council, Mary Mulholland said the €150 fine is for littering but for dumping of ten bags or more the fines are considerably higher.

She said the local authority have had “some success with surveillance” and have had prosecutions recently in the courts.

Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick called for the Council to try and bring in a “name and shame” approach to illegal dumping to teach the culprits a lesson.

“There are cups and everything every 30 metres,” he said.

Cllr Cavanagh added: “Why can’t we name and shame? I couldn’t think of enough nasty words for people who litter. They’re parasites. Other people are running on the road and when they finish their water, they litter.”

The members were told there are budgetary implications for planned surveillance.

Ms Mulholland praised the efforts of people in Kilkenny for taking part in the National Spring Clean Campaign where “legions of people quietly went out and gave up their time” to make the county a cleaner place.

She added: “These people have to be thanked, they go out year on year.”

Cllr Patrick Millea also thanked the volunteers for cleaning up Kilkenny.