Calls for safety warning lights to be installed outside this Kilkenny school

'There will be an accident'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



"It's the only school in Kilkenny that has no safety warning lights..."

A councillor has reiterated calls for a safety warning light to be installed at the Vocational School in Knocktopher.

The matter was raised at last month's meeting at Kilkenny City Municipal District and speaking after the meeting, Cllr David Kennedy said it has “no safety warning lights”.

He said: “I have been looking for safety measures to be put into the school on Knocktopher for the last two years, it's the only school in Kilkenny that has no safety warning lights on either side approaching the school.

“We have a family that live directly across from the school who have two children with eyesight impairments who are very worried for there safety crossing the road.

“I am calling on the Council to put up the necessary safety lights as soon as possible.”

Speaking previously, Cllr Kennedy added: “There's a serious amount of traffic. There will be an accident.”

A review is currently being carried out across all schools to see what needs to be done and all works required are subject to funding.

Director of Services at Kilkenny County Council, Tim Butler, said it is a “wide road” and will be difficult to put in a pedestrian crossing but it will be reviewed.