On The Beat: ‘Normally, they’d kick bottles off the bus, but they didn’t...’

A three page special report in this week's Kilkenny People

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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Taxi driver, Derek Devoy PICTURE: PAT MOORE

A man who has been a taxi driver for seventeen years in Kilkenny City says the plan is working brilliantly.

Speaking at John’s Quay last Saturday about the initiative, Derek Devoy said: “It’s fantastic. The Gardaí are exactly where they need to be.

"They’re outside every single premises that people are coming out of. It’s worked so far, I haven’t seen any fights. Normally, we see them every weekend without fail. But just having the Garda standing there. It’s brilliant.”

An aspect of Operation City Safe is that coaches will disembark passengers on Bateman Quay and collect them there too. The specially assigned Garda on a motorbike will be there at the drop-off between 10pm and 11pm and 2am and 4am.

Derek added: “Normally, what happens is, two buses pulled in here last night and there was a Garda there. Normally they’d kick bottles off the bus but there was none of that last night cause the Garda were there.