Ambulance issues leads to call for traffic safety plan in this Kilkenny town

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


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Castlecomer councillors have called for a traffic safety plan for parking and turning at the rear of Kilkenny Road Estate.

Last month’s Municipal District meeting had a motion put forward by Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick who highlighted the issue.

Cllr Maurice Shortall said there were two incidents where the ambulance had to reverse out of the estate after calling to houses.

Area engineer, Philippe Beubry, said there are a plan of works in place but there is not much scope for improvement.

He said the aim is to remove a high kerb on the right hand side of the drive in and create an area for turning for vehicles and install hatching and markings to prevent parking.

He added that funding for the works is an issue and members will have to wait until next year as there is no funding available at the moment.