Flood issue in north Kilkenny ‘not rocket science’

Criticism: Government proposals will not address Freshford flooding

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Freshford flooded again

Johnstown Road, Freshford flooded earlier this year

A local councillor has expressed concern over the Government’s proposed flood relief works in Freshford.

Cllr Michael McCarthy said: “We desperately need joined up thinking, the solution is not rocket science.”

He expressed surprise at the proposals under the Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management scheme which suggest a diversion channel of over 3km long and two weirs being removed on the Nuenna River.

As far as he was aware no communication has taken place with any local landowners and he wondered if there will be road crossings involved as part of the flood relief works.

Speaking at last month’s Castlecomer Municipal District meeting, Cllr McCarthy was of the opinion that the cost of these works would be prohibitive.

“In the region of €100,000 and the issue of flooding could be addressed,” Cllr McCarthy said. The cost of the proposed works in Freshford under the Flood Risk Management Plan comes to €3.8m.

He added the flooding that is occurring on the Johnstown Road at present is being caused by a tributary of the Nuenna River and that the proposals at present would not address this flooding issue.

While he welcomed the inclusion of Freshford on the list for flood relief works he would like to see more concrete proposals and a timeframe for when these works might be carried out.

He asked the Council to make an application for funding under the Minor Works Scheme for flooding on the Johnstown Road.

Plans have been put in place to have a box drain reinstated on the road and the Council have engaged with locals too.

“Local knowledge is key to arriving at a sustainable and permanent solution to what has become a real barrier to progress in the village. The box drain will help greatly,” Cllr McCarthy added.