Dark side of the Moon at the Castlecomer Discovery Park

Mary Cody


Mary Cody



Dark side of the Moon at the Castlecomer Discovery Park

Inventor Tom Watts

What do you get when you marry a classic album with innovative surround sound technology and geodesic design -  a music experience that will rock your world!

The Soundome, designed by local man Tom Watts is coming to Castlecomer Discovery Park to present Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon as part of a series of Summer events.

The Soundome is a unique combination of geodesic construction and surround sound technology. Each hub of the structure incorporates a speaker, making it exceptionally suitable for spatial audio reproduction.  With all speakers positioned at the same distance relative to the center of the dome and even angular distribution, it is the ideal setup for 3D spatial audio content and can be used with all common spatialisation techniques including Ambisonics.  

According to Kathy Purcell, manager of the Castlecomer Discovery Park these 'geodesic domes in our stunning woodlands are the perfect home for this innovative audio experience'.  

The soundome will be in residence at Castlecomer Discovery Park for the duration of the summer. Each week there will be a selections of audio experiences, whether that is listening to a classic album or contemporary audio composers giving a performance. The Soundome will also be hosting children’s listening events during the summer.

There will also be a barbecue and bar at the outdoor Canopy Cafe, located in the forest.

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd has stood the test of time and since its release in 1973 has sold over 45 million albums worldwide.  Soundome invites you to listen to the full album like you have never heard it before.

The event will take place on July 7 at 7pm in the Castlecomer Discovery Park. Tickets are €15. For more information or to book a ticket see  www.discoverypark.ie/booking