Over 300 housing maintenance calls by Kilkenny County Council last month

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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The handbook issued to Kilkenny County Council tenants early in the new year

Figures published by Kilkenny County Council reveal that in May of this year, their housing maintenance calls came to 344 bringing the total for 2018 to date to 2,058. 

This is down on April when the number of calls came to 417. 

In January, the Kilkenny People highlighted a list of ‘responsibilities’ issued by Kilkenny County Council to its housing tenant sparked some concern among local residents.

The ‘Tenant’s Handbook’ came through the letterbox for Council tenants early in the new year. The document set out one page devoted to council responsibilities as landlord, and two full pages of tenant responsibilities.

Tenants' obligations internally included repairs to internal plaster cracks, and the draught-proofing of doors and windows. 

Externally, tenant responsibilities also include repairs and maintenance of fences, boundary walls, gates, footpaths, and the cleaning of silt and leaves from gutters and downpipes. 

Kilkenny County Council in February agreed to carry out a review of its local authority housing tenancy agreement, following a special housing meeting. 

Senior staff from the council’s housing department have also said that there is an objective to begin a stock condition survey this year, as the local authority attempts to move from a ‘reactive’ maintenance programme to a planned one.