Yesteryears: Closure of Garda stations in Kilkenny with areas covered by patrols from Waterford

50 years ago this week

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


The Yesteryears series continued this week with an edition from June 28, 1968. 

Farm politics was the lead this week with the National Farmers Association and the Department of Agriculture in a stand off of epic proportions.

The first battle of this particular war was at the Beet Growers AGM.

A meeting of Chief Superintendents this week proposed the closure of a number of garda stations in south Kilkenny - now to be covered by patrol cars from Waterford.

The Kilkenny People Cup, for the best athlete at the county vocational schools athletics championships, was won by K. Driscoll from Kilkenny VC.

The Jam factory, which opened a few months ago this year - closed this week.

In the magazine section with the paper this week, the question was asked was Mad Kate as evil as people thought?