Kilkenny cafe which was a former pub, funeral home, grocers and butchers hosts quirky ‘Domestic Godless’ fun food art events

Get to Callan on June 30 and July 1

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Callan magic next weekend

Etaoin Holahan of Fennelly's of Callan

An arts project which has produced banquets, installations and performances in such places as the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the derelict Hotel Bageion in the heart of Athens, the majestic Castletown House in County Kildare and even a mini-skip at the gates of City Hall in Belfast now comes to Kilkenny for two very quirky events on Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1.

‘The Domestic Godless’ comes to Fennelly’s of Callan this Saturday and Sunday, June 30 and 31, for a ‘Pataphysical Buffet’ for 25 people on the Saturday evening and a ‘Porridge not Porridge’ event from 11am to 2pm on Sunday. Both events are free but pre-booking is essential. Places can be pre-booked by calling 086 0691421 or emailing them on

‘The Domestic Godless’ initiative is commissioned by Crawford Art Gallery and supported by the Arts Council Touring Award and Fennelly’s of Callan is among five venues on the tour of Ireland in 2018, local coordinator, Eilis Lavelle, explained.

“Since its foundation, this initiative explores the potential of food - its taste, its presentation, its history and its cultural values as a vehicle for irreverent artistic endeavour and experimentation. Through recipes, installations and public presentations The Domestic Godless uses food as both a concept and a medium through which to convey humour, empathy and other qualities that distinguish art from purely craft,” she explained.

The Domestic Godless team will be based at Fennelly's over two days, showcasing their world of 'pataphysical cuisine', she added. “On Saturday 30th June, the doors will be open to 25 guests to eat their way through an installation of gastronomic nonsense, including a strangely familiar Surf’n’Turf. It’s a deadly 14 allergen mousse cake, a Ghetto Gateau and chicken feet plate lick. 

“This will be followed on the Sunday with a brunch menu of Porridge not Porridge - or porridge but not as you know it,” she concluded.

Fennelly's of Callan is the perfect location for such an event. The independent coffee shop and arts space is managed and curated by Etaoin Holahan with food by her sister and chef, Aoife Holahan. 

“Fennelly's has had a previous life as a pub, funeral home, grocers and butchers and was run by the beloved Margaret Fennelly of Bridge St. for many years. We’ve preserved a lot of this history in the decor of the cafe and by telling its story to the many who come through our doors. Our aim is to continue the rejuvenation of Callan’s town centre through hospitality, kindness and the arts, filling this traditional building with people and purpose again for the contemporary experience,” she said.

Fennelly's hosts musicians, artists and designers showcasing their work through morning and evening happenings. The Holohans collaborate with small local food producers and highlighting the quality and variety on offer.