'Nasty experience' of speeding incident in Clogh leaves councillor shaken with fright

'We couldn’t even get the registration. This came out of nowhere...'

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



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A north Kilkenny councillor has described a “nasty experience” in Clogh that left him shaken with fright.

Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick raised the incident at this month’s Castlecomer Municipal District meeting where he said the speed through the village is a cause for concern.

“I’m still shaken with the fright I got. It was a nasty experience,” Cllr Fitzpatrick said.

The local representative was on a house call visiting a local resident in the centre of the village when a car drove past him “like a bat out of hell”.

“It’s happening on a regular basis. We couldn’t even get the registration. This came out of nowhere. It’s not locals driving like that, it’s passing traffic.

“It was the biggest fright I got in a long time, it was a very nasty experience,” he said. Cllr Michael McCarthy said the levels of speeding in north Kilkenny have gone up and the most frequent complaints he gets from constituents are about speeding issues.

He added: “I don’t know what it’s due to,” but he suggested it may have something to do with the recovering economy.


Cllr McCarthy said there are also “major hotspots” for speeding in Urlingford. Area engineer, Philippe Beubry, said driver feedback signs are provided where a motorist’s speed flashes at them on their approach into the village.

He told members that there are also road markings on the ground and “there is not much else we can do”.

Cllr John Brennan said safety measures are in place but “people are breaking the law and ignoring these signs”.

He asked about the upgrade of the safety measures and said “these hooligans are breaking the law and we need more of a Garda presence in the area”.

Cllr Maurice Shortall added that a Garda presence is the “only deterrent” and the Council had done phenomenal works on safety measures for Clogh.

He said at the next Joint Policing Committee meeting members would ask Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes to arrange intermittent speed checks in the area.