KILKENNY - Further water supply restrictions may be needed to manage water

Bennettsbridge supply latest to be hit

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Water supply returning to Bennettsbridge area

Irish Water confirms more supply restrictions may be needed in kilkenny

Further restrictions on water supplies serving the city and county may be necessary over the coming days and weeks to manage water levels in the network and ensure a water supply is maintained during high demand times.

Irish water also confirmed that it has been working hard to improve the supply in Bennettsbridge following a number of days of sporadic service.

The Bennettsbridge Scheme was placed on restriction from 9pm last night until 6am this morning as work commenced to replace a pump.

The new larger pump should be in place by late afternoon and will increase and improve water supply in the area.

Customers in the majority of the scheme had water back by 9am this morning. The water supply will be restored to customers as the network refills. It can take a number of hours for the water to return fully to customers on higher ground or at the end of the network once the water supply is turned back on.

Irish Water said this action was being taken to ensure that the maximum quantity of raw water from the source was available to supply the area.

"The timing of this restriction is designed to minimise the impact particularly on dairy and other farmers in the area. Irish Water has been in touch with farming organisations and will to give what practical support they can to farmers who are in need," a statement from Irish Water said.