Broadband pilot project for Castlecomer businesses

"Take it as a case study..."

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Kilkenny to appoint broadband officer as rollout plans unveiled

Kilkenny in dire need of broadband roll-out

Broadband issues have been raised again in Castlecomer with a pilot project suggested for the town to hear concerns of north Kilkenny businesses.

At a meeting of Castlecomer Municipal District, councillors expressed their frustration at broadband speeds in the town and that a number of businesses had flagged it as a “barrier to employment potential”.

Director of Services, Mary Mulholland, suggested to members that the local authority invite businesses - who are affected by poor broadband - into the Council Chamber.

She said the hope would be that the Council could then better represent what the issues are at a national level.

“We could work it as a pilot to see what we could do.

“Take it as a case study,” she added, ahead of the broadband roll-out.

Members previously heard that the broadband roll-out in Kilkenny is “still dragging” at a critical stage for the county as one councillor has to go up Spa Hill to send a large email.