Galmoy residents keep windows closed due to smoke from smoldering scrubland

Council says situation is being addressed

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Scrub burning was carried out a number of weeks ago on land in Galmoy

Smoke from smoldering fires on land in Galmoy has left some residents having to keep doors and windows closed during the recent spell of good weather.

One local said that the smoke was affecting residents on and off, depending on which way the wind was blowing. They said that the smell of the smoke was at times persistent, visibly hanging in the air, and sometimes irritating to the eyes.

Speaking to the Kilkenny People today, Michael Nugent of Kilkenny County Council's environment section confirmed that the council had received a number of calls on the issue, and had contacted the relevant individuals to ensure the matter was being addressed using appropriate machinery.

He said it appeared that 'scrub burning' carried out a number of weeks ago had since reignited during the hot spell of weather.  Mr Nugent said the council understood that machinery was sent up straight away, and that enough was being done to put it out.

He said that scrub is burnt under an agricultural license and one had been granted in the area 'about a month ago', but that none had been granted during the recent spell of persistent dry weather, under advice from the Fire Service.