Kilkenny gardaí appeal to young men to use their heads and not their fists

Over 200 reported assaults in Kilkenny in 2017

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Kilkenny gardaí issue young men to use their heads and not their fists

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Kilkenny gardaí have issued a stark appeal to young men not to engage in violence as part of a national campaign to reduce assaults through targeted action.

“Kilkenny city has a vibrant night time economy, combined with extra visitors to Co Kilkenny, large concentrations of people are enjoying themselves in the city and its environs during the day and late into the evening and night in built up areas.  When alcohol is added into the mix, it can sometimes be a cocktail of intoxication, aggression and confrontation.  The vast majority of assaults reported to An Garda Siochana are needless and avoidable," Inspector Anthony Farrell said.

Statistics show that assaults are usually carried out by males against males aged between 18 and 35. and the peak time for these assaults is early Sunday morning. 

"The consequences for a punch can have life changing consequences for not only the victim but also the offender.  Its not so much the power of the punch that causes the damage but the subsequent fall where someone may hit their head off the ground and at times go unconscious.  This can sometimes lead to court convictions which impact on career choices, especially for our young people.

"I would plead with people, especially younger people, use your common sense if you find yourself in a situation that you are not comfortable – walk away.  Use your brain not your fists.”," added the inspector. 

Last year there were 159 reported minor assaults in Kilkenny city and environs and 65 reported serious assaults.  One method of combating the incidence of assault for An Garda Síochana is Kilkenny City Safe.  Under direction of Superintendent Derek Hughes, as part of the Garda response to anti social behaviour and assaults high visibility proactive targeted beat and mobile patrols take place in Kilkenny focused on every Friday and Saturday night.  The aim of this operation is to create a safer socialising environment for locals and visitors to enjoy, safely together.