Revealed: Where Kilkenny ranks in terms of 'luckiest lotto counties'

Is it our turn for a run of luck? Jackpot rolls to €7.5 million

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People



The last Lotto jackpot win in Kilkenny was a monster €5.9 million win with a ticket which was purchased at the Spar/Esso service station in Irishtown

Kilkenny may be one of Ireland’s unluckiest Lotto counties per head of population, but it has still scooped 24 jackpots totaling over €29 million since Lotto started 30 years ago, new National Lottery data reveals.

The 'Luckiest Lotto Counties' data, using 2016 Census Population figures, shows that Kilkenny has had 2.42 Lotto Jackpot winners for every 10,000 people, placing it towards the bottom of the Lotto league table. The data shows that Louth, Donegal, and Mayo are the top three luckiest counties.

Kilkenny is ranked 25th out of the 26th counties - with neighbouring Laois the only county faring worse.

The last Lotto jackpot win in Kilkenny was a monster €5.9 million win with a ticket which was purchased at the Spar/Esso service station in Irishtown in Kilkenny City in August 2014.

“One of the most frequent questions we are asked is what is Ireland’s luckiest Lotto county," says National Lottery CEO, Dermot Griffin.

"There has always been great rivalry amongst our players all over the country to claim this title. But it is important to note that chance has no memory and playing Lotto is purely a matter of luck, regardless of where you buy your Lotto ticket. Whether it is in Kilkenny, Limerick or Louth, in a shop or online from the comfort of your own home,  you have the exact same chance of winning a prize.

“We have had 24 jackpot winners from Kilkenny since Lotto started and we are looking forward to a lot more in the future! And while Lotto players in Louth, Donegal, Mayo, Dublin and Carlow have enjoyed most success in the Lotto game per head of population, these findings do not have any bearing on who may be a future Lotto winner!

"It could be Kilkenny this Wednesday when the Lotto Jackpot is set to roll to a mega €7.5 million. This is the highest the jackpot we have had in a while so we are appealing to players to buy their tickets early to avoid queues in store – or play at or through the National Lottery App."

Louth, known as 'the Wee County', boasts the most Lotto millionaires per head of population since Lotto launched three decades ago, with an incredible 76 lucky Lotto jackpot winners who have won in excess of €89 million between them; that’s 5.9 Lotto jackpot winners for every 10,000 people.

Coming a close second place is Donegal, which has clocked up 90 Lotto jackpot winners in 30 years, sharing over €116 million in prizes. Census 2016 population figures show there are 5.65 Lotto jackpot winners for every 10,000 people in the county.

The Mayo football players may have suffered an early exit in the race for Sam Maguire this year but Lotto players in the green and red of the western county have had significantly more luck in the lottery game coming third on the Lotto list with 4.44 Lotto jackpot winners per 10,000 people. They have had 58 Lotto jackpot winners sharing over €103 million in prizes.

Meanwhile, Dublin has had 572 lucky Lotto jackpot winners scooping over €856 million in jackpot prizes alone, or 4.25 winners for every 10,000 inhabitants. That tally places the county 4th on the Lotto league table due to its population of over 1.3 million.