Who is threadstories, the mask maker in Kilkenny city?

Falsehoods: A mysterious exhibition of masks on film by an artist called threadstories

Sean Keane


Sean Keane



Who is the Kilkenny mask maker?

A mask by threadstories at Kilkenny Arts Office August 9 to 19

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office presents FalseHoods, an exhibition of masks on film by the mysterious, Kilkenny based, emerging visual artist ‘threadstories’.
As an accomplished mask maker threadstories’ work resists categorisation.
The ‘wearables' created by this person can be seen as costume and visual art.Or if you prefer canbe seen as craft and storytelling tools, both adornment and oddity.
Traditional craft techniques are engaged in the construction of masks by this anonymous person. threadstories explores the synergy between textiles, performance and movement, using photography and film to capture and frame her narratives.
Her art practice is materials led with a focus on thinking through making.
threadstories is an emerging visual artist based in Kilkenny city who works with London based Irish filmmakers, Sixbetween to create video pieces exploring her masks on film.
threadstories received Arts Act Funding from Kilkenny County Council Arts Office in 2018 to support the development of her First Solo Exhibition: FalseHoods.

The exhibition will be mounted at the Arts Office, 5 Dean Street, Kilkenny.
The exhibition will be launched on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 1pm and will run until the evening of Sunday, August 19.
Kilkrnny County Council’s arts office supports and encourages a huge range of artists, both emreging and established.