Video: Anger as Thomastown public art exhibit is vandalised

Local councillor Breda Gardner says expressed anger on social media today

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Catherine and Nancy Paton Chair of Thomastown Arts festival taking out the 16 wheels that were thrown into the river. Picture: Breda Gardner

There's been an outpouring of anger in Thomastown this morning after a local public art exhibit was vandalised by persons unknown.

Vandals ripped down sixteen wheels which were decorating the town's famous Nicholas Mullins Bridge, and threw them into the river.

Posting on social media, local councillor Breda Gardner said she was 'so, so angry'.

"Thugs and people of low life skills came last night and vandalised the Up cycle and Re cycle Art on Nicholas Mullins Thomastown Bridge," she writes.

"Thomastown is trying to do its best on Up cycling and Recycling during Kilkenny Arts Week with the help of many on Catherine Green's art work on the bridge," she said.

"We will do our best to find out who did this."